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Floor Panel

Parts used:

  1. Automotive carpet
  2. Plywood Sheet
  3. Two small hinges
  4. Two L-shaped brackets
  5. Spray Adhesive
  6. Upholstery staples
  Parts used in floor panel project
Panel model made of paper  

After installing the front seat front seat for the passenger in the rear, time has come for the floor panel. Installing only one seat, I got a fairly large free space. However, it was necessary to add some improvements in order to be able to store cargo in a convenient way. I prepared a template from cardboard and I cut the plywood according to the pattern. I used spray adhesive and upholstery staples to attach the black automotive carpet to the board.

Floor panel raised up Floor panel lowered

Finished panel is attached to the floor using cut L-shaped brackets and small hinges. It could be done in a better way, but I was in rush. As the result I got quite a long part of the flat surface, which can be successfully used for sleeping if such need arises.

Panel side view Increased cargo space