Flashlight Seat Mount

Parts used:

  1. Maglite Mounting Bracket ASXD026
  2. Four screws
Mountig Brackets::Brackets can be mounted anywhere::
Mountig Brackets

You can purchase mounting brackets for your Maglite flashlight. In my opinion, the most convenient place for a flashlight is the space under the driver's seat, near the door. You never know when you will need additional light. Installation is extremely simple, but you need to drill holes in the rail of the seat. My flashlight has finally its own place. I do not need to look over the car when flashlight is needed. The most important, it does not roll over on each curve.

Brackets under the seat::After drilling holes just attach the brackets::
Brackets under the seat
Flashlight under the driver's seat:: My flashlight has finally its own place::
Flashlight under the driver's seat

After a few months of use, one of the mounting brackets broke. I have expected a product of higher quality. Well, I bought a new set of brackets. I hope they will last a little bit longer.

© 2011 Maciej Swulinski