Jeeps of Catorce December 6
Red Willys Two Old Jeeps Willys with Passengers

Willys Jeep Station Wagon has been in production for many years. Introduced in 1946 in the United States, it was manufactured there until 1965 and in Argentina and Brazil until late 1970ís. Some of the Wagons were sold in Mexico and in Real de Catorce we were able to encounter a large number of them. One of the local companies uses them to transport people across the mountains. These are beautiful vehicles in a very good condition. Thanks to a dry climate, rust on the body of these not young cars is close to nothing. It was nice to see so many vehicles that share the same roots as our Jeep.

Balios with Mexican Friends Willys and Vaquero (Cowboy) Khaki Willys
Dark Green Willys Willys and Dog
Yellow-Green Willys White Willys Jeep Grand Wagoneer